Make one small GAME every day (English)


Lately, I’ve thought about how can I get more experience in game design? After reading books and watching video about game design I’ve found a great way. And the way is creating games.

Yes, just do it.

So I’ve decided to make challenge for myself with general idea «make one small game every day».

Challenge conditions:

  1. New game must be done everyday.
  2. Genres of games shouldn’t be repeated.
  3. Game clones are welcome, — the point is to test existing game mechanics.
  4. Creating a game should take 1 — 2 hours.
  5. Graphics must be as easy as possible.
  6. Post in blog after each game with little comment.
  7. Need to hold out for 30 days.

Completed game for this challenge:

  1. Crowd — crowd simulator
  2. Tri-pong — Pong for 3 players
  3. Bowling — my first 3D game powered by Unity
  4. Make Your Beat — funny beat-maker
  5. Zuma2048 — mix zuma and 2048
  6. Tower Defense — just simple TD
  7. Arkanoid — online-multiplayer arkanoid for 4 player
  8. Just fight! — fighting with funny combat-mechanic
  9. Strange Platformer — platformer with graphics distortion
  10. You will never win — game about defend the city from the bombardment
  11. Two Square  — experiment with control and mind
  12. Weather Storm — game about wind
  13. Infinity Hero — endless waves of enemies versus the hero with a sword
  14. True Ninja — similar to Fruit Ninja, but with the tasks on care instead of fruit
  15. Two Sides — black and white platformer about changing colors